Airport Services

IGSS offers a number of services for Airports and Aerospace sectors:

  • Integrated Security Systems Solutions that provide Turnkey Innovative Solutions for Security needs that incorporate physical equipment, barriers, and hardware as well as surveillance, software, command & control center(s), and integration solutions.
  • Air Traffic Management that includes Air Traffic Control (ATC) and Air Defense Products which provide both the expertise and equipment for Ground and Flight Path Management. IGSS also offers ATC Management Simulation scenarios which are designed to train personnel how to react to the various scenarios that may be faced.
  • Maintenance of Aeronautical Equipment – from maintenance services for GSE to providing MRO services to airlines
  • Airport Management & Operations – Partners that specialize in Airport management and Operation services as required.
  • Ground Support Equipment (GSE), Airport Seating, and vast wide range of airport-based products – Military & Civilian Tow Tractors, Cargo Tractors, Ground Power Units (GPU), Air Starter Units (ASU), Boarding Bridges, Runway Light Inspection, Aircraft maintenance tools & equipment, & more
  • Manpower Services – Specialized in providing Skilled Manpower for airlines and airports, including, but not limited to, pilots, mechanics, engineers, operators, flight crews, instructors, material planning, Stress & Loads staff, maintenance staff, security guards, technicians, and as required by airlines. We can provide but are not limited to, the following: Contract & Permanent Recruitment solutions, Managed Recruitment Solutions, Executive Search & Selection, Project & Service Support, Virtual Human Resource Services, & Turnkey Solutions.
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