The Armed Forces face increased supply chain and spare parts support challenges with the continued utilization of aging platforms. Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEM’s) focus their resources on current production and costly upgrade options. At the same time, OEM subcontractors scale back production on Legacy spare parts in favor of more expensive new production support, useful shelf lives expire, and routine maintenance over time consumes existing parts supplies, creating shortages. In many cases, technical data is not maintained when OEM’s are acquired or merged, and platform ownership may change hands. All these factors lead the Armed Forces desperate for solutions for obsolescence management. IGSS and its partners can support Legacy platforms, like the HMMWV’s, M113’s, Air Platforms, etc., by various means, including:

  • Built to Print Capability
  • Alternative Source Evaluation
  • Configuration Tracking
  • Historic Source Analysis
  • FAT Item Testing
  • OEM Historic Source Licensing
  • Source Approval Request Packages(SAR)
  • Adjacent Process Manufacturing.
  • Existing Stock Location Services
  • Reverse Engineering Services
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