Simulators, Training and Simulation Technologies

All Simulators and Simulation Systems are designed and manufactured to meet client’s requirements including, but not limited to diverse Military Land, Sea, & Air Platforms, Civilian applications, Diverse Training Simulations, and more.

IGSS’ offers training, test, and evaluation systems in the fields of Defense and Security fields. Together, solutions are developed for the tactical and individual mission, crew training, weapon systems and engineering simulators, as well as Air Defense, Electronic Warfare, Test, and Training Systems. These Simulation Systems are designed with a high degree of precision and accuracy for aerial, underwater, surface, as well as land platforms in both the Military and Civilian fields. Some examples of Live Simulation Applications include, but is not limited to:

  • Air Defense Electronic Warfare
  • Test and Training Range (EWTTS)
  • RF Signal Analysis System(RFSAS)
  • Video Ammunitions Scoring System 
  • ACMI (Air Combat Maneuvering Instrumentation) Pod – PAMS
  • Electronic Warfare Information System (HEWIS)

Some examples of Virtual Simulation Applications include, but is not limited to:

  • Flight Simulators
  • Partial Mission / Flight Simulator
  • Instrument Flight Trainer
  • Small Arms Targeting
  • Full Mission / Flight Simulator
  • Operational Flight Trainer
  • Operational Flight Trainer
  • Special Operations Training

Trainer Models include:

  • Tactical Control Center
  • Computer-Based Training System
  • Land Simulators
  • Artillery Forward Observer Training Simulator
  • Antitank Missile System Training Simulator
  • Mortar Training Simulator
  • Naval Platform Simulators
  • Joint Mission Force Simulation
  • Air Defense Simulation
  • Integrated Logistics Support Services
  • Avionics Integration Support (SIL/OFP Support )
  • Virtual Maintenance Trainer
  • Forward Air Controller Trainer
  • Land Vehicle Simulators
  • Medium- and Long-Range
  • Wildfire Fighting Training Simulator
  • Submarine Diving Simulator (SDS)
  • Small-Scale Combat Simulation
  • Air Traffic Controller Simulator Training Services
  • Production, Operation and Maintenance Services

Obsolescence Management:

  • Assessment of Options for Obsolescence cases
  • Scan market for available inventory, refurbishing or Overhauling options, Rebuilt Options, Manufacturing, Testing, etc.