Platform Upgrades Modifications

Maintenance, Upgrades, & Modification Services for Land, Air, & Sea Platforms

  • Provide Skilled personnel and capabilities to provide maintenance services for military aircrafts (military & civilian), Land Platforms (wheeled and tracked vehicles), and Sea Platforms (Ships & related equipment)
  • Capability to provide Turnkey Maintenance, Logistics Support, Technical Support & Solutions for Military Platforms (Land, Air & Sea)
  • Remanufacturing, Rebuilding, & Overhaul of Assemblies, Sub-assemblies on site.
  • Aerospace engineering, Aircraft research & Development, Systems Engineering & Training Systems
  • Maintenance Facilities Operations & Maintenance, Logistics Support & Administrative Support Services
  • Full Facility Operations & Maintenance (O&M) support that includes maintenance, repair, & installation of facility structures, airfield management, roads & grounds maintenance, & warehouse Operations.
  • Upgrades & Modifications & Maintenance of Land Vehicles (Wheeled & Tracked) as well as Air Platforms (fixed and Rotary)