Oil Gas Services

IGSS has several activities regarding the Oil & Gas Sectors

  • Equipment and Supplies:
    Includes, but limited to, the following: Pressure Vessels, FCC Reactors, FCC Risers, CO2 Recovery Units, Refinery Construction, Regenerators, Heat Exchangers
  • Integrated Security Systems Solutions that provide Turnkey Innovative Solutions for Security needs that which incorporates physical equipment, barriers and hardware as well as surveillance, software, command & control center(s) and integration solutions.
  • Maintenance and Construction Services – Includes, but not limited to, the following:
  • Shut-Down Engineering Services and supplies (i.e. Cyclone Shields, Internal Grids, etc.)
  • HPHT downhole cameras
  • Special chemicals to clean residue from storage tanks and pipes
  • Engineering, Fabrication, Site Supervision Services, Site Completion Services, Site Installation Services
  • Project Management Consultancy and Mechanical Supervision

Oil Field Services –

  • Turnkey Onshore Drilling Services and Workover Services, Geothermal Drilling & Workover Services, and other services such as
  • Drilling Services – Core Boring, Fishing, Running Casing, Side Tracking
  • Well Completion Services – Completion, Cementing, Acidification, Swabbing, & DST
  • Log Services – Opened Well Log, Closed Well Log, Mechanical Services
  • Other Services such as Log Interpretation, Cased Hole Services, etc.
  • New Technologies

    IGSS is proud to introduce new technologies from world-class international companies that which include Green Power Generation Technologies (water-based generators, as well as utilizing hear from existing wells for power generation.