Consulting Advisory Services

At IGSS, we believe that achieving your objectives means being unique and gaining the advantage over competitors in the market you want to target which requires experience, foresight, and local expertise. Decisions should be made only when all the crucial factors are taken into consideration. IGSS’ goal is for you to move your business forward with confidence.

IGSS has vast local networks in Kuwait in many sectors including, but not limited to Defense, Safety & Security, CBRN Services, Oil Sector, Aviation and much more. We jointly advise, develop and recommend Strategies vital to your success which aims to solve issues from strategy through to execution. IGSS does that by combining strategy consulting expertise, current industry demands, and requirements along with the vast capabilities of our networks.

Whether you are an international company, looking to find the right market entry approach and strategy, or to identify market demand and opportunities for your product lines and services to a government entity looking to formulation the Statement of Work (SOW) or set up the Standard Operating Procedures (SOP) to assisting on resolving difficult issues and problems that you are currently facing, IGSS is a partner that will assist in finding the right solution(s).